Ways to Make Money with Paparazzi

Paparazzi Accessories is a reputable network marketing jewelry sales company designed to help you make money selling affordable, fashionable, high-quality jewelry.

Ways to Make Money with Paparazzi Accessories:

  1. Home Parties - You can sell Paparazzi accessories through the old tried and true method of home parties. Go over to a host's home, display your items and let the people your host invited over shop your inventory. Paparazzi jewelry literally sells itself once in front of an audience! 
  2. Via Your Personal Paparazzi Accessory Website - Paparazzi provides you with a FREE website to showcase all the currently available jewelry. You provide your customers your personal link, they shop the website and Paparazzi does the rest. Your commissions from these sales get sent to you once a month. Zero additional cost to you!
  3. Via Your Own Personal Website - Sell your personal inventory on a website you operate and own. There are many options available some of the more popular options include Shopify, Square, Comment Sold, Wix. There may be additional fees involved with this option but it's a great way to sell your personal inventory that you own. You are paid directly and are in charge of shipping products and product management.
  4. Live Sales on Social Media - Go live and show the jewelry on your social media. Use Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and show your followers the pieces you have on hand. Doing this constantly will grow your customer base.
  5. Social Media Sites - Use your personal social media platforms or start a business page and/or group. Popular choices are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Post about your new business. Show them your inventory, if you have any. Use regular text posts, messenger, reels, live video, pre-recorded video as ways to let everyone know what you have and what you do. 
  6. Store Front - Yes, you can open your own physical store to sell Paparazzi Accessories! Don't want to go that far you can rent space inside of established businesses to showcase your items. Have your own boutique or salon?? Sell them there.
  7. Vendor/Craft Fairs - You can rent a spot and set up at your local vendor fairs. This is a great way make connections in your local community. Showcase your personal inventory and make instant sales.
  8. Residual Income - Another great way to make money with Paparazzi is through team building. You get a commission on team sales. This is a great way to earn passive income!

The possibilities to earn money via Paparazzi Accessories are endless and ever changing. Selling jewelry is a great way to earn extra spending money, make friends, learn new skills, and travel all while having fun! You can work from home, set your own hours and be your own boss.

Whether you are looking to earn extra money on the side or to work as a full-time business Paparazzi is a great avenue to consider. Getting a 45% commission doesn't hurt either! Not many other companies offer compensation like this.

The product itself is amazing! It's extremely affordable for almost everyone. New pieces are released daily and are always on the cutting edge of fashion and always only $5! Your customers will thank you for offering these incredible pieces and you will thank yourself when you can add to your collection for only $2.75 each!